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Manufacturing Support

Not all improvements come from new machinery or new systems. Most organization have productivity improvement opportunities they cannot get to due to lack of resources or limited experience in their staff.

We can work with you maintenance and operations personnel to apply the science and discipline required to get higher throughput and greater repeatability out of your existing systems. The categories below illustrate services that we provide:

Machinery Improvements Process Improvements
  • Upgrades
  • Rebuilds
  • Redesigns
  • Retrofit of quick changeover devices
  • Retrofit of process controls
  • Establishment of statistical process control methods and procedures
Maintenance Training
  • Spare parts set-up, coordination, clean-up
  • Design & build machinery set-up fixtures
  • Establish calibration methods & procedures
  • Write troubleshooting guides
  • Write maintenance procedures
  • Theory of operation
  • Implementation of SPC, troubleshooting guides or maintenance procedures
  • Classroom
  • Shop floor


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