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Special Purpose Machinery

For any new concept, be it a system or product design, there are key elements that enable the optimization of the overall concept. Often times these key enablers do not exist in the market place and you are faced with developing new equipment from scratch or sub-optimizing your design to conform to what is commercially available.

We address this need in one of two ways:

  • Products - if  there is a broad based need in the market place, Finesse Mfg. will invest the engineering to develop new machinery as a product line. The advantage to you is that the engineering cost is invested by us and the equipment is priced as a commercially available product.

  • Custom equipment - this category applies if the need is specific to your application and has no useful life beyond your project. The advantage in this approach is that your company can own the design and the rights if you so desire.

Areas of Expertise

  • "Smart Belt" applications

  • Product handling
  • Precision assembly
  • High speed packaging


Technology on Target

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