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iQueue Dynamic Queue Control

The iQueue system provides two functions: isolation of backpressure & intelligent feeding of product to the downstream machine.

The compression section isolates the backpressure. In this application, the compression section is required to withstand over 30 feet of backpressure from incoming product.

A sophisticated (yet robust) sensing system monitors the number of trays between the compression belts and the downstream machine. This is a real-time dynamic sensing system that keeps track of the product count whether it is in motion or stationary.

The feedback from the sensor is used to adjust the feed rate from the compression section. This closed loop, real-time control scheme maintains the desired back pressure feeding the downstream machine by maintaining the appropriate product count in the queue.

The control scheme is elegant in its simplicity allowing the cost for an iQueue system to be surprisingly low. Give us a call to discuss how this might improve your line efficiency.

iQueue Overview

The system becomes an integral part of the infeed conveyor

iQueue compression section

The red belts isolate backpressure and regulate flow; the yellow rollers deshingle products that can interlock.

Minimal space impact

The iQueue system can be built onto existing conveyors minimizing the space required. The compression section is approximately 3' long x 1' wide.



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